Genealogical research

If you are interested in your origins, but have no time to conduct an extensive genealogical research, we will be happy to do it for you.  First of all, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire where you will point out in details everything you know about your ancestors. If necessary, we will meet your relatives and ask them. At this stage we will be able to define the prospective of the research, as well as its cost and duration. We should mark that genealogical research can be quite expensive, since it can take 1-2 years, and its cost can include trips to distant archives.  But we are sure that the result will exceed all your expectations! You will get a branchy family tree, learn who your ancestors were or maybe even find distant relatives who will be happy to get acquainted with you and communicate in future. Of course, all our findings will be proved with extracts and/or pictures of archival documents. We will also help you arrange the results according to your taste and requirements.