The first step is always the hardest. It’s always difficult to pick up all the pieces of information you have together and dig deeper. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of resources that may be helpful at initial stage of your research. If you do not have precise information on your Ukrainian ancestors’ place and/or date of birth, you can refer to online databases and digitized archival documents on immigration and naturalization (US and Canada). Passenger lists and naturalization records contain the information essential for further research in Ukrainian archives.
US Naturalization and immigration records can provide a researcher with the information on a person’s birth date and location, occupation, immigration year, marital status and spouse information, witnesses’ names and addresses, and more. 1. Immigration documents (Ship Passenger Arrival Records) – microfilms available for each port on 2. Online databases of immigration records (passenger lists) (arrivals to New York, 1892-1924) 3. Naturalization Certificate Files (1906-1956), Alien Registration Forms (1940-1944), etc on microfilms and in hard copy format:…/historical-records-series-available-… 4. You can request the information about Nazi persecutees, victims of Holocaust…/…/application-forms/index.html 5. Microfilmed and indexed naturalization records CANADA 1. Citizenship and naturalization records…/citizens…/Pages/introduction.aspx Naturalization records created before 1917 contain present and former place of residence; former nationality; occupation; date of certification; and name and location of the responsible court. Records created after 1917 are more detailed, indicating: surname; given name; date and place of birth; entry into Canada; and names of spouses and children. 2. Database containing births, marriages and deaths records…/sear…/Pages/ancestors-search.aspx 3. National Registration File of 1940… 4. Passenger lists…/passenge…/Pages/introduction.aspx 5. Land record database are also helpful because immigrants often applied for land shortly after arrival.…/dis…/land/Pages/land-records.aspx