Полевые исследования и сопровождение к месту проживания Ваших предков

The history of each family and kin is unique. Genealogical research is a captivating process that will help you find out about your ancestors unknown to you before, restore family traditions, and understand the history of your kin better. But is genealogical research limited to looking for documents concerning your relatives? Just imagine that you have a chance not only to possess documented information, but also visit the places where your ancestors lived, feel the spirit of the past incomparable to anything and present on old pictures and newspaper clippings. What does it feel like, to come to your remote ancestor’s place of birth, contemplating the same places and landscapes he or she saw, visiting the buildings your relative visited centuries ago? You can get all this range of emotions and unforgettable impressions as a part of “field” genealogical research through the places of your predecessors. When conducting field genealogical research, one of our highly qualified specialists travels to the place where your ancestors come from, takes pictures and video of their house and surrounding area giving you a chance to make a trip to the past of your family. If you order the research, you will gain true and the most valuable information about your predecessors’ place of living and their lifestyle. Visit your ancestral home and show it to your children so that the memory of your kin could be handed down from generation to generation.