Оформление результатов генеалогического исследования

Genealogical research arranged in a proper way will surely be a pride of your house and a sacred treasure of your family. The information about the past of your kin will help you raise your children and grandchildren with sincere and tender attitude to a family and family values. Kyiv Genealogic Society “Rodoslov” will represent many ways of genealogical result arrangement which can be fulfilled according to your taste and wishes. Due to archival search it is possible to make extracts from all the documents you are interested in. The research results can be arranged as schemes, tables, and genealogical trees. Besides, final arrangement always includes detailed tables and schemes with description of intermediate work, such as making records from registers with sources and explanations. All the extracts are provided in a text format: doc, xls, pdf. They can be presented in the form of either text documents or tables. If you live abroad, we can make a high-quality translation into English, Russian, German or Polish. We use professional genealogical software, such as Family Tree Builder and GenoPro. If you are interested in creating a real family website, we can make it on MyHeritage.com. The specialists from the “Rodoslov” Company will build your genealogical tree in GEDCOM format. This format has an advantage of supporting all the specialized software applications for genealogical tree building. Arrange the results of genealogical research of your family as a Family book, scroll, poster or even certificate. Such stylistic arrangement will serve as invaluable memory of your kin history both for you and for the next generations.