Online consultation

For each person such a specific time comes when he or she starts thinking of his or her family, kin and its history, as well as of the things he or she can leave for future generations. According to statistics, a very small percentage of people know their genealogy as well as how their ancestors lived and what they were occupied with. For the moment, you have a unique chance to leave a priceless present for your descendants: the information about your family and its past. Thus, memories of your ancestors will not get covered with dust, but will be a subject of pride and augmentation of the kin glory. After all, the original history of your family opens the way to identification of your own self, to understanding of your inner self through the perspective of the past. Kyiv Genealogic Society “Rodoslov” is ready not only to conduct genealogic investigation of your pedigree history with authentic enthusiasm, but also consult you on all the issues you are interested in. We are always open to a dialog with our clients in any convenient format: via Skype, video or phone calls, e-mail, or even personal meeting in Kyiv. If you are interested in a comprehensive genealogic investigation, we will provide you with online consultation for free, otherwise, the price will depend on work complexity. If you are interested in collecting data about your ancestors by your own efforts, but you are not sure where to start, our specialists will provide you with the data list sufficient for getting started with your research. Learn more about:
  • a) minimal basic data which is needed for fruitful genealogical search;
  • b) places and organizations that should be addressed;
  • c) documentation which should be inquired for thorough investigation.
Once you have completed your research, we will be happy to help you decide upon proper arrangement of search results. If you have set your sights on learning more about your pedigree, the origin of your surname and kin, we will be glad to consult you on such a scrupulous and invaluable process.