Documents restoration

One day anyone can possibly feel the necessity to retrieve information about events that happened long ago and people who lived not just years, but centuries ago. Nevertheless, there is a chance to face difficulties connected with low availability of information at the initial stages of the research. Where should we look for the documents with necessary data, whom should we address, what to begin with? Unfortunately, most people don’t even know how much data concerning their ancestors is stored in the archives of various cities and countries. In the past, classification and storage of genealogical data concerning each kin were of primary importance. Since historical archives possess invaluable information about the history of one or another family, they play great role in search of ancestors now. But when one conducts the research by his or her own efforts, it can be quite difficult to send requests to many archives, not to mention visiting them. Kyiv Genealogic Society “Rodoslov” will be happy to help you with genealogical research and with receiving information from state archives particularly. We are ready to:
  • find out which of  the state archives have the information and documents concerning the ancestors our client is looking for;
  • prepare and file corresponding requests to state archives;
  • receive a reply to our request from the archive;
  • make copies and photocopies of archival documents which concern your family tree.
We provide our clients with the results of the research within the shortest possible time and in the most convenient format. We can send you all the documents by registered post or e-mail. The team of Genealogic Society “Rodoslov” consists of highly qualified specialists with years of experience in sphere of genealogical research. We will be happy to help you with investigation of your  genealogy and make your search as easy and pleasant as possible. Please contact us at