Archival search
Our company provides professional services for archival and genealogical research in the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Kyiv, the State Archive of Kyiv Oblast, the State Archive in the City of Kyiv, the Institute of Manuscripts of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, and other institutions where the necessary documents can be found. Our services include, but are not limited to: GENEALOGICAL EXPLORATION Genealogical exploration is precision, whether the documents needed are available in archives (search in catalogues of locations and name catalogues, work with archive fund inventories). Before you start purposeful search, it is advisable to evaluate its prospects and think what can be found and when it can be found. We provide genealogical exploration as a means of search precision increase to save your time and money. EXTRACTS FROM ARCHIVAL DOCUMENTS Once we define the scope of work and find file requisites, you may order extracts concerning surnames and places. Be sure that we will provide you with the most complete and accurate information, including references to pages and entry numbers in a source. PHOTOCOPIES If you would like all the findings to be proved documentarily, then you will surely be interested in photocopying of genealogic documents. High-quality pictures with high resolution are made by means of a digital reflex camera. It is worth mentioning that the price of photocopying includes also archive services for “providing a document for photographing”.